Unlikely Friends & Certain Enemies

UNLIKELY FRIENDS & CERTAIN ENEMIES delves into the ancient, yet relevant, story-telling world of Aesop. Animals such as foxes, frogs, wolves, birds, and dogs find themselves in compromising and dangerous situations due to their curiosity and despite their best intentions. Personified with elements of intrinsic human behavior, Aesop’s animals show us that even though the times have changed, instinct has not. Immerse yourself in a variety of age-old stories — you might learn something new, or confirm already held beliefs about your friends and enemies.

Anna Hasseltine is a Chicago-based artist and printmaker. Originally from Boston, she graduated in 2015 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a BFA in Printmaking. When Anna is not screenprinting gig posters and fine art prints at Delicious Design League, she is drawing, carving, and printing woodcuts, linocuts and screenprints at Hoofprint in McKinley Park. Anna is fascinated by wildlife and animal behavior, and finds herself searching the depths of flora and fauna to help resolve life’s unanswered questions.