Up Magazine Vol.3

Up Magazine

  • Up Magazine Vol.3
  • Community and Culture Issue
  • Featuring Robots Will Kill on Cover
  • 121 Full-Color Page
  • 8.25" x 11.75"

UP is a NYC-based magazine that centers on street art, graffiti, and creative urban culture. Each issue of UP focuses on a single subject, exploring a wide range of artists, inter views, and ideas around the theme. UP's mission is to provide the art community with nuanced, provocative, and critical writing that navigates the questions of our generation. We pride ourselves on serving our readers high-quality articles that investigate, inform, and entertain. Like good art, UP Magazine is made to make you think and make you feel.

Issue 3 - Editor's Note

UP chose its Issue 3 theme, ‘Community & Culture,’ before we even had our debut launch party in June 2019. (One simply does not sell their life insurance without planning ahead.) Perhaps it’s kismet, then, that this topic would prove so pertinent to 2020, a year defined by global pandemic, racial strife, economic uncertainty, and fractured politics that have ripped our social collective apart. For the UP team, the consequences of these seismic shifts have been felt both directly and indirectly, personally and professionally.

 If these stories are evidence of anything, it’s the resilience of the urban art community. Whether muralists, sticker slappers, illegal graff writers, or commissioned street artists, the name of the game is getting up – no matter the obstacles.

-T.K. Mills, Editor in Chief

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