Destroy America by Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson

  • Destroy America by Cleon Peterson
  • Colorway: Black
  • Hand Pulled Screen Print
  • Printed on 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper
  • Hand Deckled Edges
  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • Edition of 125
  • Date: May 2020
  • City: Los Angeles, CA

From the Artist:

Trump insights violence. Trump insights racism. Trump insights fear. Trump insights division. He uses these tools to manipulate and distract us while quietly pushing foreword his political interests. Every move Trump makes is to benefit himself with no regard for America and its people. Trump has successfully rebranded America. We are now a nation of hate, disinformation, corruption and disease.

Trump has Destroyed America. It’s time for us to take it back.


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