Danny Way vs Nyah Huston Tech Deck

Tech Deck


  • Tech Deck vs Series
  • Danny Way | Mega Half Pipe
  • Plan B Fingerboard
  • Nyah Huston | Nyjah Skatepark
  • Disorder Fingerboard
  • Condition: New | Sealed

Design your custom mini skateboard park

Exclusive Danny Way and Nyjah Huston fingerboards Included

Combine iconic skateparks or use separately

Compatible with other X-Connect ramps for more obstacles.

Use with Tech Deck fingerboard or BMX collections.

“Let the ultimate battle begin with the Tech Deck Vs. Series, Danny Way & Nyjah Huston X-Connect playset. This Verses Series set includes Danny Way’s iconic Mega Half Pipe and Nyjah Huston’s skate park with the long hubba ledge. Set up different combinations separately or go bold and build out your own ultimate skatepark to perfect your finger skateboard skills. Skate the parks with the included exclusive Danny Way signature Plan B Skateboards and Nyjah Huston’s pro fingerboard to add to your mini skateboard collection. Go further by combing the park with other X-Connect compatible ramps, to build the ultimate fingerboard obstacles for you to shred…”

Included in Mega Half Pipe: 1 Tech Deck, 1 Funbox Table, 1 Rail, 2 Inverted Roll-In Ramps, 5 Panels, 1 Tech Deck Panel, 2 Rectangular Panels, 1 Coping, 4 Roll-In Ramps, 2 Flat Roll-In Ramps, 2 Large Supports, 2 Small Supports, 6 Scaffold Beams, 6 Large X-Connectors, 8 X-Connectors, 8 Foot Pegs, 1 Instruction Sheet


Included in Nyjah Skatepark: 1 Tech Deck Fingerboard, 1 Large Roll-In Ramp, 1 Roll-In Ramp, 1 Long Rail Bottom, 1 Long Rail Top, 1 Square Panel, 1 Tech Deck Square Panel, 1 Staircase, 2 Hubba Tops, 1 Stair Hubba Bottom, 1 Flat Hubba Bottom, 9 Foot Pegs, 4 Large Supports, 4 Small Supports, 10 Scaffold Beams, Instructions Sheet

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