Making All Stops by OS Funk

Making All Stops

  • Making All Stops | New York City Subway Photography
  • Volume One from 1970 - 1976
  • Publisher: Only The Best Books [2009]
  • Author: O.S. Funk
  • Paperback | 113 Pages
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • From: New York

"...a celebration of the subway, the stations and the trains that travel in all weather and at all times of day or night. Although a number of other photographers contributed their images to the book, transit employee Steve Zabel's photographs dominate. Steve Zabel was an avid photographer of the subway as well as a New York City Transit employee for over 20 years, documenting New York and the subway system in a way that only 'insiders' would know." (He was tragically murdered in 1989 during a robbery.) Book includes: introduction; tribute to Zabel with a biography, testimonials by friends and acquaintances, a section of photos of Zabel at work either for the Transit Authority or on his passion of photographing trains, and a section of shots of elevated subway cars he took from rooftops; four-page list of movies that feature the NYC Subway, 1971 - 1989, with facts and brief commentary; timeline from 1970 - 1989 of major events in NYC history; shots of the NYC subway system, stations, and subway cars chronologically from 1970 through 1976. Photographs by Steve Zabel with additional photography by Jon Graham, Douglas Grotjahn, Edward McKernan, Eric Oszustowicz, Michael Piselli, and Joseph Testagrose; texts by O.S. Funk, Gregory Campolo, Keith Charles Edwards, Grotjahn, Oszustowicz, Graham, and McKernan."

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