TV Pow [w/ Sharkula] by TV Pow


  • TV Pow by TV Pow [2016]
  • 7-Track, 12" Vinyl Pressing

Side A:

  1. Waitin' On The Sun [Featuring Steven, Tina M. Howell, Precise and Fare Games]
  2. Cadillac A [Featuring Ben Carter, Precise and SHARKULA]
  3. 1976

Side B:

  1. Operation Identification
  2. Cadillac B
  3. Mosh Ranger
  4. Waitin' On The Sun-Reprise

TV Pow is a trio of composers and free improvisers. They employ samplers, percussion, invented instruments, synthesizersturntables, tape manipulation, computers and multi-speaker surround-sound systems in a constantly evolving soundscape of sparkling electronics, ambient drones, minimalist techno, and cinematic field recordings. 

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