Pez [2019] by Montana Colors


  • Pez by Montana Colors [2019]
  • 20th Anniversary Release
  • Limited Edition | Stamped Wood Display Box
  • Blue MTN 94 Spray Paint
  • 400ml
  • New | Deadstock

PEZ(Jose Sabate) began to smile in 1999. It was then that he discovered that, through his characters, he could transmit good vibes and positivity through the streets of Barcelona.

After a few years, he began to travel and paint all over the world, adopting the message of the universal smile that would reach a vast audience. The character of the fish is the result of experimentation and the will to do something constructive in the walls of his city. His alter ego, the always smiling fish is present in each of his colorful compositions, accompanied by a lot of positivity. A journey full of joy that goes from classic graffiti to experimental Pop Art. This limited edition can celebrates the 20th anniversary of his pictorial career. Smile Please!

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