Minksy by Jeffrey Gillete x ToyQube


  • Minksy by Jeffrey Gillette
  • Produced by ToyQube
  • Limited to 188 Worldwide
  • Size: 6.5" Tall [Rat]
  • Size: 9" Tall [Porta-Potty]
  • Material: Resin

From: Toy Chronicle | Jeffrey Gillette aka The man who Banksified Banksy, famous for mixing Disney & Mickey Mouse with a dystopian world. Gillette created Minksy when he was working with Banksy as part of the art installation Dismaland in 2015. Combining details of Banksy’s rat with Mickey Mouse. Gillette created stickers of Minksy and placed them in portaloos at Dismaland, now you’ll be able own Minksy with its accompanying portaloo courtesy of ToyQube.

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