Letters To Chicago [Large] by Sir Charles

Thee Almighty & Insane

  • Letters To Chicago T-shirt by Sir Charles
  • Produced by Almighty & Insane Books
  • Size: Adult Men's large
  • Color: Black T-shirt
  • Single Color Screen print

From the Author:

Decided to finally print up a t-shirt design long in consideration. On the front is a logo created by Sir Charles, author of the Letters To Chicago book we published in 2019. On the back is a graphic sampled from Albrecht Dürer's woodcut "The Apocalypse: St John Devouring the Book" (1498). The Apocalypse was the first book to be produced by the artist Dürer, and its text predicts violent turmoil in advance of the year 1500 when it was widely believed in Dürer's society that the world would end. Although Letters To Chicago is more of a post-apocalyptic response to the destructive urban renewal process and its legacy in Chicago, it was also Sir Charles first book published as an artist. In a time once again filled with anxiety about the future, the Dürer graphic spotlights consumption of information and the importance of critically considering sources when confirmation bias runs rampant. Not to say a t-shirt has the power to make any impactful difference, but at the very least could be a reminder to continue going the extra mile in pursuit of hard truths, whether they fit a comfortable narrative or not!

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