Hench: It Me! 9" SuperJanky by Pete Fowler


  • Hench: It Me! SuperJanky by Pete Fowler
  • Produced by Superplastic
  • Size: 9" Tall
  • Only 555 Produced

Hench is the second figure in the new series by acclaimed artist Pete Fowler. The special "It Me!" edition is 9-inches tall and features interstellar varsity jacket, Wallabees, silver grill, and leopard skin gloves.

Hench was discovered while producer Maximillan Ca$h’s and his crew were on yearlong tax exile and fashion quest in Alaska. When their SUV broke down a yeti-like creature materialized from an inter-dimensional portal and helped them get the engine working again.

The yeti, now named Hench, was recruited as full-time driver. Hench can be found behind the wheel of Max's Escalade, lifting heavy objects, throwing rocks, programming drum machines, and reading people’s minds.

Super-beautiful and super-limited by UK DJ and toy artist Pete Fowler.

Collections: Collectibles, Superplastic

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