Desmond Tutu by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

This portrait of anti-apartheid and pro-human rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu is my 2nd collaboration with photographer Michael Collopy, with the first being my portrait and mural of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg in 2014. Archbishop Tutu embraced non-violence as he strove to end apartheid and discrimination against women in South Africa. I deeply admire Arch Tutu’s philosophy, courage, and powerful communication skills. The below testimonial from Michael Collopy illuminates Tutu’s character beautifully.

From the photographer, Michael Colopy
I first met The Arch in 1985 when he was calling for American action to end apartheid. Through our decades long treasured friendship that included countless dinners, laughs, and meaningful conversations until the very last time I was with him (already in frail health) in Oxford England when he held the door open for me to come in from the cold.

I will never forget his words to me shortly after we first met:
“God has a dream. God has a dream that all of us will recognize that we belong in one family, the human family. A family in which there are no outsiders. All belong. All are held in this embrace of this one whose love will never let us go; this one who says that each of us is of incredible worth; that each of us is precious to God, because each one of us has their name written in the palms of God's hands. And God says there are no outsiders. Black, white, young, old, rich, poor, gay, lesbian, straight-all belong. And God says I only have you to help me realize my dream. Help me.”
–Michael Collopy

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