Color Ink Book [Claw Money] Coloring Book

Galerie Finds

  • Color Ink Book - The DIY Art Periodical
  • Vol.23 Coloring Book
  • Cover Art by Claw Money
  • Published by Brothers Washburn
  • Featured at San Diego Comic Con [SDCC] 2015!
  • Paperback | 80 Pages
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"

Featuring different cover designs by Huck Gee, Claw Money, Lola Gil, and Sket One

This volume showcases the works of Huck Gee, Claw Money, Lola Gil, Sket One, Cuddly Rigormortis (Kristin Tercek), Jeremiah Ketner, Mat Miller, ChrisRWK and Mike Fudge


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