Canbot 3oz Series 1 by Czee13 [Singles]

Clutter Magazine

  • Canbot 3oz Series 1 
  • Designed by Toy Mafia x Czee13
  • Produced by Clutter Magazine
  • [1-Piece] Blindbox Assortment | Selected at Random
  • Soft Vinyl Toy
  • "Rattle Top" Action Figure
  • Approx 3" Tall

Just like the 5oz Canz that you LOVE, these Canbots also have the signature spray can rattle, and to make it even more exciting, they are blind boxed so you never know which one you will get!

21 amazing designs by renowned artists; Andrea Kang (USA), Dalek (USA), Prime (USA), Czee13 (UK), Nicky Davis (USA), DURO (Canada), Chris RWK (USA), Riiisa Boogie (USA), Mad*L (USA), MrKumKum (Indonesia), Sket One (USA), Mar2ina (Taiwan), Quiccs (Phillippines), Flying Fortress (Germany), Toy Mafia (Worldwide) ZeroProductivity (USA)


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