Banksy Rat by Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs

  • Banksy Rat by Killer Bootlegs
  • Carded, Airbrushed Rubber Rodent
  • From: Illinois

From the Artist: In 2011 this piece by Banksy appeared overnight on a wall on Clipstone Street in London. That same day - Monday, April 25th, 2011 - I designed this cardback and had planned on producing this figure, but unfortunately never got around to it. For almost 8 years, it sat in a folder on an old harddrive collecting dust. Recently while looking for another old concept, I found it and decided to FINALLY make it a reality. The quote, "If graffiti changed anything, it would be illegal" was in reference to a quote by Emma Goldman who campaigned for Women’s right and voting who said, "If voting ever changed anything, it would be illegal". I thought that this quote holds the same, if not more weight now in today's political climate. I know this figure seems very silly, but the idea behind Banksy's piece still seems very relevant.

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