Arte Agora by Daniel X. O'Neil

Daniel X. O'Neil

  • Arte Agora: Art Made, Sold, or Placed in the Public Way by Daniel X. O'Neil
  • 113 Pages, Softbound
  • Numbered Edition of 400 
  • Printed via Steuben Press
  • Measures: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • City: Chicago, IL

This book describes and illustrates Arte Agora— art that is made, sold, or placed in the public way. It’s art made at the intersection of three separate disciplines— outsider art, commercial art, and street art. Arte Agora happens outside, in the marketplace, with human transaction and constant renewal at the core. It’s outsider art where the artist actively creates outside, often in make-ready street studios, reducing the distance between the artist and the people. It’s commercial art where the artist directly seeks to sell their work to people one-on-one, bypassing the massive scale and reach of brands and technology-- It’s street art where the artist places accessible pieces in reach of the people in formats that can be removed intact. This book further defines art made, sold, or placed in the public way and detail examples I’ve observed and collected over the years. My goal is to create useful and durable text for understanding the methods, modes, and outputs of the artists who labor in these ways.-- Daniel X. O'Neil

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