Janky Series Three [CASE] by Superplastic


  • Series Three Janky [CASE]
  • Produced by Superplastic
  • 1-Case | Containing 12-Toys
  • Blindbox Assortment
  • Size: 3.5" Tall

Janky Series Three is the most limited-edition, highly coveted, and carefully curated collection of international artists...EVER. Escape reality with each artist's unique perspective on how art can save the world, interpreted onto 3.5-inches of vinyl. Every Janky toy is sealed in a super-secret blind box, so every unboxing is a total freakin' surprise! Collect the series and find hella-rare toys before your friends do! 

Artists in Janky Series Three include: Andrea Kang, Anna Cattish, Caramelaw, Huck Gee, Jor Ros, Junko Mizuno, Mark Gmehling, Pete Fowler, Ricardo Cavolo, Scott Tolleson, Sket One, Wattle, Guggimon… and ???? 

Blindbox Assortment. All Orders Picked at Random

Collections: Collectibles, Superplastic

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