Fall 2013 by Can Control Magazine

Can Control

  • Can Control | The World's largest Graffiti Collection
  • Issue: Fall 2013
  • Produced by Can Control
  • Original Print Run | Deadstock
  • 32-Page | Full Color Magazine | Staple Bound
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • City: Pacific Northwest | Kent, WA

From NYC O.G. STAY HIGH to JABER, THIS COLLECTION IS AMAZING. The issue shows the canvases painted by the actual artist. 

Founded by the Graffiti Writer POWER [POWAR] in 1987, Can Control is the second Graffiti periodical in the world yet; Can Control was the first to print on glossy paper, first to print in color, first to spotlight multi page interviews with Graffiti Writers, first to spotlight the hard work of the Graffiti world up close, first to be distributed worldwide.

Graffiti Art has so many enemies that the artwork has a very short lifespan. From the city painting over the works (Buffing,) other Graffiti Writers going over the works to Gangs Crossing out the works, after the actual paintings, "CATCHING THE FLICKS" is the most important part of Graffiti culture. Power realized this early own and went the extra mile to do just that! His vast collection starting in 1984 not only hold the most exclusive Graffiti art captured but almost cost him his life. Near misses on the freeways of California and New York with camera to no clearance sections of the New York subway lines. Power made sure to Catch all the Flicks possible. 

Being a Graffiti Writer and photographer [publisher too in this case] takes a dedication. Paint all night, eat late, stay up to Catch the works in sunlight, sleep a few hours and start over.

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