Chain Reaction Action Figure by Eric Pagsanjan

Eric Pagsanjan

  • Chain Reaction Action Figure by Eric Pagsanjan
  • Created exclusively for Smalls to the Walls Group Show [2019] 
  • Plastic, Sculpt and Blister Packaging
  • Size: 8"x10"x2.5"
  • City: Chicago, IL 

From the Artist: "I hold respect and admiration for artists that create their own apparel. I’m a huge sneaker fan, and my personal collection is ever-growing. Combining my love for sneakers, the designers who make them, and comic-book style superheroes, I created a series of portraits dedicated to the designers that I consider to be incredible. To me, they are superheroes. They are ‘SneakerHeroes.’ "

*Proceeds from sales will be used to raise funds to buy sneakers for kids in Chicago who cannot afford them.

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