Uyu & Assteriskat by Soey Milk

Munky King

  • Uyu & Assteriskat by Soey Milk
  • Colorway: Lavender Mist
  • Designed by Soey Milk
  • Produced by Munky King
  • Edition of 200
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Height: 6.5" Tall

A refreshing break and departure from her more weighty concerns that are caught up in her more observational and naturalistic yet playful works - it’s with UYU and Assteriskats that Soey is able to let go of any self-consciousness of content or concept and run freely and rampantly in the playground.

Soey Milk was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the United States at the age of eleven. Milk’s early path was leading her to become a ballerina, but after she was first introduced to painting, she immediately found a new passion to pursue. Still, some of the ballet dimensions remained, as she was still strongly drawn to human anatomy, which was a cornerstone for the development of her photorealistic style.

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