Santos Sisters Hallo-Orange by Greg & Fake

Greg and Fake

  • Santos Sisters by Greg & Fake
  • Special Halloween Issue
  • Variant Cover: Orange
  • 48-Page Comic Book
  • Offset Printed | Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Size: 6.75" x 10.25"
  • From: Chicago/ Mexico
  • (W) Greg & Fake, Graham Smith, Dave Landsberger an Marc Koprinarov 
  • (A/CA) Greg & Fake

*Please Note: This Listing is for the First Edition Printing. Due to printing process issues, there is a slight "wave or waffling" to the covers. Reprinted Editions are expected in 2024.

This Halloween, the town folk of Las Brisas do not know it yet, but something scary is coming for them!  Luckily Ambar and Alana have their friends Cassie and Vlad (Hack/Slash), Mercy Sparx and The Gutt Ghost to help on this all hallows eve. Printed in full-color on decadent newsprint!

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