LAmour Supreme Bootleg x This Shit Blinks

LAmour Supreme

  • Custom LAmour Supreme 
  • Custom Painted Body & Cyco Skull
  • Blinking Cyclops Eyeball
  • Includes: Spare "Keep Watch" Grip Head + Assorted Stickers
  • Bagged with Custom Header Card
  • Opened for Photographing Purposes Only
  • Size: 8.5" Tall
  • Signed by the Artist

"This Shit Blinks [Kt Ferris] inspired me to make some custom Bootleg toys and here they are with her blinking doll eyes. These were special to paint as I haven’t really done that in a while. It brought back those early memories of painting them up almost ten years ago in Greg Mishka’s old office on N.6th while drinking a couple of beers and getting really creative with them. Fun times then and now continuing to build on the history. You buy now!
Also shoutout to Eddy from Adfunture and Mishka for making these back in the day when no one wanted to make a toy for me..."


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