Juxtapoz: Black & White


  • Juxtapoz: Black & White
  • Published by Gingko Press [2019]
  • First Edition
  • 224-Pages | Paperback
  • Size:  9.5"x13"

The immutable black line; its effect is primal and direct with a lineage to prehistoric cave drawings first rendered in charcoal eons ago. Within the pages of Juxtapoz Black & White an impressive list of artists expound upon the role monochromatic treatments play in their practice, with fascinating results. The paintings and drawings used to buttress this dialogue are lavishly presented in an oversize format. A fascinating list of contributors offers a broad spectrum of black and white offerings: David Shrigley, Shantell Martin, Saner, Matt Leines, Carl Krull, Nicomi Nix Turner, Geoff McFetridge and 20 more. With this latest release, the Juxtapoz book series has been re-designed in a new oversized paperback format for maximum viewing pleasure.


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