It's Super Effective by Clint Wilson

Clint Wilson

  • It's Super Effective by Clint Wilson
  • 4-Color Screen Print
  • Edition of 50 | Signed and Numbered by the Artist
  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • City: Austin, TX

Clint Mashes-up Classic Japanese Wood Block Prints and Old School Video Games. 

"A new piece in the ongoing ReNESsance series, 'It's Super Effective!' is inspired by the Pokemon video games and the famous Japanese woodblock titled 'Tamatori's Escape From Ryujiin'. Back when I was in 8th grade I remember getting the red version of Pokemon for Gamboy and my friend Ryan had the Blue version so that we could trade the exclusive monsters. I always had a love for travel even when I was a kid, despite not having the opportunity to travel. My video games provided me a way to travel to magical places and Kanto is almost as real a place as my hometown in my heart. This piece is inspired by that nostalgic feeling I get from the original games."

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