Officer Dickhead by Lord Sphinctar

Lord Sphinctar

  • Little Dickheads by Lord Sphinctar
  • Officer Edition
  • Bagged with Header Card
  • Material: Resin | Custom Painted
  • Size: 3.25" Tall

Officer Dickhead was a frail, wimpy child. Other children teased and bullied him. By the end of high school, he had a chip on his shoulder and a weight lifting addiction. What better profession for a butthurt meathead than law enforcement.

Born from feces and raised in garbage Lord Sphinctar found solace in heavy metal, art and small toys. A self taught percussionist and sculptor L.S. won several scholastic awards for art and music and pursued both after high school. In 2016 Lord Sphinctar turned his lifelong love of toys and clay into his artistic medium of choice. In 2019 L.S. was offered and accepted an apprenticeship with renowned Sculptor Mark Cline through the Virginia Folklife Program. Lord Sphinctar continues to make humorous and lowbrow sculpture from self appointed quarantine in southern Virginia.


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