Fridge Zone Zine by Cul de Sac Press

Cul de Sac Press

    • Fridge Zone Zine by Cul de Sac Press
    • Printed in Collaboration with Matt Davis of Perfectly Acceptable Press, These Booklets Have 3-Color Screen Printed Covers and Risograph Printed Interiors.
    • 18-Pages
    • Size: 5.5" x 6.75"
    • City: Chicago, IL

    Notes from the Author: 

    "What's in the back of your fridge?  How long has it been in there?  Are you sure it hasn't become sentient by now?  Join Co-Captains Millard and Eng as they leave the safety of their home-world to traverse the cosmic horrors that await inside the Fridge Zone."



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