April 02, 2019




From gig posters to album covers, music and visual arts have long been intertwined in a magical self-inspiring relationship. On Friday, April 12 from 6-10PM, Galerie F is opening its next group show and you're invited to celebrate with us! HOT WAX will feature studies from each artist's experience with music ranging from architectural illustrations of beloved local record shops, dream-come-true album designs, intimate interpretations of songs and much more. Mark your calendars now and keep up with us online for more details on this exhibition! The current line-up of artists includes emerging artists from near and far as well as fresh work from some of Chicago's favorites:
Aesthetic Apparatus • Alecks Cruz • Bailey Race • Baldur Helgason • Clint Wilson • Corey Singletary • Dan Grzeca • Derek Erdman • Epyon5 • Eric Nyffeler • Eric Orr • Eric Pagsanjan • JC Rivera • Joe Mills • John N. Yaou • Katrina Catizone • Kerry Smith • Kevin Demski • Kreweduzoo • Mac Blackout • Martin Cimek • MMont • Mosher • PAIDMSD • Ryan Duggan • Ryan Monteleagre • Sean Starwars • Sentrock • Starman Press • Terrible Tony • Vivian Le

Below you will find a selection of four artists featured in HOT WAX, but there's plenty more to see from the entire exhibition online


Mac Blackout is a contemporary visual artist in Chicago — Galerie F Underground hosted his solo exhibtion "Madman's Eye" in December 2017. Fall into his gargantuan, mind-bending murals which are featured outside Reckless Records, pubs, bookstores and various Chicago venues. Blackout channels his creative energy through visual art as well as music as a solo artist and the founding member of The Functional Blackouts. He's even designed most of his own album covers (select covers & albums will be featured in HOT WAX) and gig posters! Check him out on Friday, April 12th in HOT WAX at Galerie F and keep up with him on his instagram for news on his upcoming solo exhibition "COSMIC POP".

View Mac Blackout's Collection on Galerie F's webstore.


We just straight-up love the nostalgic hand lettering of Paid MSD (Brooklyn) — he's bringing back those old school paper-signs often seen in bodegas, at car washes and on sidewalk signs. Inspired by the sweeping calligraphy and neon vibrations, Paid MSD gives the "paper sign" aesthetic a whole new life with Hip-Hop artists, icons and albums. Each one is hand-painted on gallery-wrapped canvas.

View PAID MSD's Collection on Galerie F's webstore.


What started out as a way to soothe a homesick heart from Chicago after a move to Australia turned into a fanatical hobby (read: legit obsession). Joe Mills is a master of typography and calligrams (a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters create a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves). We have several knock-out Chicago themed prints from Mills in the gallery available right now but make sure to see some of his newness on opening night of HOT WAX this Friday!

View Joe Mill's Collection on Galerie F's Webstore.


Bronx-based visual artist Eric Orr was made legend by his collaborative artwork with Keith Haring on the NYC subways 30 years ago. He's also credited with designing and printing the first-ever Hip-Hop Comic Book featuring his character, now recognized as "Robot Head". Orr has spent a lifetime in graffiti and hip-hop which he believes have "adapted elements from the comic book culture. Just about everything — from our names to our fantastical identities to the flyers we designed — had comic elements in it." We're thrilled to present hand embellished digital prints (with embossed stamp and foilstamp) by Eric Orr featuring his iconic Robot Head.

View Eric Orr's Collection on Galerie F's Webstore.